Delivering in everything we do!

Software-Payments-VoIP-Insurance-Lending-M&A-Life Coach-HR

We are the first and only business services concierge. We offer various products and services that are essential to all business owners. With a personal concierge at your fingertips, the days of managing several vendor relationships without VIP treatment are over! We are 100GROUP, we deliver in everything we do!

We offer a single platform for Payment Processing, VoIP (phone systems, SMS and MMS), Business Insurance, Human Resources, Financial Planning, Software Integration, and more. Imagine receiving all these products/services from one company, with a business concierge dedicated to you 24/7!

We cater to several niche market industries to help close the gap between merchants and vendors. Our integrated software and technology platforms offer full automation, increase efficiency, and bundled product discounts.

We are a company that is always growing and looking to acquire new niche software and technology partners. Leveraging our management resources, our partners will benefit from our luxury concierge platform to help grow their business

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If you are a software or technology company
who would like to increase their footprint, add
greater products and value to your clients,
and grow your company’s revenue.

we are your solution!

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If you are a business owner, who wants to be
treated like a VIP while having ONE contact
to provide several needed service

we are your solution!

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100GROUP is also involved in business and real
estate lending, real estate development, life coaching, and more.

If you do not feel you are getting from your current business,
or personal relationships, we are your solution -

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We give to everything we do

Our Team

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in various startups, to
company builds, to acquisitions, to exits- all with Fortune 500 leadership. With a hands-on
approach, we have a wide scope of all key aspects of a successful company sales and marketing,
operations and support, technology, finance, M&A and more.

Our Companies

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Our Partners


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