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Revolutionize Your Fintech Payment Processing: Premium Solutions for Software Developers & ISVs 

If you’re a software development company or independent software vendor (ISV) in search of a high-quality payment solution, we’ve got you covered! Our premium payment integrations are designed to enhance your fintech, websites, desktop software, and mobile applications. With our solutions, you can revolutionize your payments and offer your customers a seamless, secure payment experience that they’ll love. Don’t settle for mediocre payment options – upgrade to our premium solutions today!

Partnering with 100GROUP credit card processing gives software developers access to robust APIs that seamlessly integrate with their software applications, as well as industry-leading gateways and hardware for optimal fraud security. By enhancing their software’s unique features and offering the latest payment processing solutions, developers can generate additional revenue streams while reducing the risk of fraud. 100GROUP credit card processing is the ideal support system for software developers looking to enhance their payment processing capabilities and grow their revenue

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  • Latest payment integrations
  • Hands-on support
  • Additional revenue streams

Payment Gateways

Wide variety of gateway options for every need and application.

Industry Leading Hardware

Best in class credit card machines with optional API functionality.

Tech Focused Support

Our team speaks your language and understands your business needs.

  •   Versatile payment gateways
  •   Strong APIs for seamless integration
  •   Tech-focused staff for support
  •   Monetize your payment streams
  •   Both card present and not-present solutions
  •   Latest payment devices
  •   Payment Industry education and guidance
  •   Full-time in house developers based in the US

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